Start Decisions Saturday

Because of the weather conditions forecast for Sunday night into Monday, what would be the first night at sea for the Transat Jacques Vabre monohull fleet, a decision as to whether to delay the start or not will be announced later on Saturday morning, 2nd November.   

At the skipper’s briefing this morning, the organisers of the Transat Jacques Vabre told the assembled crews of their decision.
In fact part of the reason for the uncertainty is that the three main weather models which were presented by Météo France’s Richard Sylvani, Arpeggio, GFS and CEP, do not concur on the timing and exact track of the Atlantic low pressure which is due to pass up the Channel. If it tracks close to the channel as some models suggest then winds with be average 35kts, gusting to 50kts but if it tracks further to the north then winds will be a more manageable 20kts.

And so the organisers of this 11th Transat Jacques Vabre have chosen to wait until the next update of the weather models and decide after tonight, and so the start times and dates for the monohulls will be announced Saturday morning as will decisions about the Mulihulls’ prologue and the timing of the starts for the Multi 50’s and MOD70’s.