Sixth for Zetra, a First for Brazil

The sixth placed Class 40 crossed the finish line of the Transat Jacques Vabre at 2307hrs 30sec UTC  Sunday night, 23/11/201. Brazilian Olympic gold medallist Eduardo Penido and Renato Aruajo took 28 days 10 hrs 37 minutes and 30 seconds at an average speed of 7.9 knots on the theoretical route of 5400 miles (10,000 km) from Le Havre to Itajaí. But Zetra sailed 6153 miles on the water at an average speed of 9.01 knots. Their gap to Le Conservateur is 4 days 2:27 minutes and 21 seconds.

The duo complete the first ever all Brazilian Transatlantic Jacques Vabre, the first Brazilian dup even to start and finish the race. Their planning and preparation has been excellent. They got holrd of the Class 40 which won in 2013. They stayed close to the Canaries and Cape Verdea to repair their damages, Eduardo and Renato kept ahead of the chasing trio of boats. In the Doldrums they managed to maintain their lead and finish in an excellent sixth place.

“"It's great for us, but we had a lot more difficulties than we thought we would. It was harder than expected! But this is it, this is what we wanted. It was the goal: to be pushing day after day and to find our limits. Wind and waves, under spinnaker at night it was amazing surfing at over 20 knots, it was amazing! But the result is that we did it, we have done all we hoped for. The first part was terrible during the three depressions we tried to be careful, take care of us and the boat. It was our baptism of fire! Finally, we have not had a serious problem, no big damage. French sailors arrived ahead of us so congratulations to them! It's fantastic they are so good to sail the boat so quickly, hats off to them, to all those sailors because it was hard! "