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History  of the Transat Jacques Vabre

Transat Jacques Vabre 2015

A Highly Competitive Race

The twelfth edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre will be remembered for all the right reasons, a tough race emerging in each of the four classes, marked by a challenging opening across the Bay of Biscay and great finishes into Itajai, Brazil.

After a great week of build up during which 450,000 people visited the race village, forty two duos started from Le Havre on Sunday 25th October. The rate of attrition proved relatively high with 17 boats abandoning the race, reflecting the brutal conditions of the first week and the fact that a high proportion of the IMOCA fleet were new and untested.

Good weather in Le Havre for the preliminary period ensured the entertainment and exhibitions were popular and well attended. And the Paul Vatine basin was a buzzing for most of the week, with thousands turning out to see the fleet which, for the first time in the 22 year history of the race, included the giant Ultimes as well as a strong IMOCA fleet in this pre-Vendee Globe year. Against that backdrop there was considerable excitement, and some trepidation among the skippers because while the first day of the course looked straightforwards, a big low pressure system was set to hit the fleet, a big threat to the new IMOCAs some of which had only sailed a few days.

Of the IMOCA 60 fleet of 20 boats, five were latest generation new boats fitted with foils - Edmond de Rothschild, Safran, St Michel-Virbac, Hugo Boss, Banque Populaire VIII. Also brand new and ready to make  her race debut was Francois Gabart's new Ultime trimaran MACIF and two Class 40s, V and B and Eärendil. Others were new to their co-skipper duos, such as the Ultime Actual, 60 foot monos Bastide-Otio, and the Multi50 Ciela Village ...

The Sunday start takes place in benign conditions, unseasonably warm sunshine and a very gentle breeze. In fact the 42 duos struggle to get across the start line. An hour later the wind starts to fill in and the race proper is under way. And from then the pace starts to pick up in a 20kts SE'ly breeze. The four Ultimes are already past Ushant by the middle of the night, the four Multi50s at sunrise Monday. The IMOCA and Class40 are each divided into two groups, the leaders heading towards the NW tip of Spain and the others towards SW Ireland.

After just 36 hours the race leaders Sodebo Ultim and MACIF are off Cape Finisterre. It was in this area in a sudden squall that Prince de Bretagne capsized. Three days later Actual had to retire with a rigging problem. So the Ultime race turns into a duel, working the coast of Morocco. Off the Cape Verde Islands  François Gabart and Pascal Bidégorry manage to take the lead ahead of Thomas Coville and Jean-Luc Nélias which is closed slightly during the passage of the Doldrums. But a small lead out of the Doldrums into the trade winds is magnified when MACIF gets into stronger and more lfited breeze before Sodebo Ultim, and although the lead shrinks between Rio and the finish, it is a maiden race victory for Gabart and Bidegorry on MACIF.

The Multi50 they remain fairly compact as a grou as they sail en route towards Cape Finisterre. Then Gilles Lamiré and Yvan Bourgnon hits a container on French Tech-Rennes Saint Malo and are foreced out with substantial damage to their port float and main hull. Thierry Bouchard and Olivier Krauss lead on Ciela Village but have to stop into the Cape Verdes to repair, while Prysmian FenêtréA tear their mainsail. Arkema (Lalou Roucayrol and Cesar Dohy) have to stop into Salvador as their main hull suffers some structural delamination. But it is Erwan Le Roux and Italy's Giancarlo Pedote who finish first on Prysmian FenêtréA , the third Transat Jacques Vabre win on the boat for Erwan Le Roux.

For Class 40 the weather proves hard all the way to Madeira. Three depressions hit one after the other with almost no respite. Sometimes the winds are over 45 knots along with big, and often chaotic seas. But only three teams have t retire from the race. all Bretagne Crédit Mutuel Elite suffer autopilot problems.
Victory in the Class40 is only secured in the final miles to the finish line. Le Conservateur (Yannick Bestaven and Pierre Brasseur) had build a buffer of more than 300 miles before the Doldrums after making a nice getaway at the Canaries. But they are snared for three days and V and B (Maxime Sorel and Sam Manuard) and Carac Advanced Energies (Luis Duc and Christophe Lebac). In the end it comes down to just a couple of hours between winners Yannick Bestaven and Pierre Brasseur on Le Conservateur ahead of the new 2015 V and B while the 'old' 2008 launched Lombard design of Carac/Advanced Energies takes a great third place on the podium for Luis Duc and Christope Lebas.

Three big depressions take a toll in the IMOCA class. Most of the main players head west towards Ireland to take on the first one. But boats are eliminated successively, some with more serious structural issues, others with smaller problems which prove impossible to fix. Safran, Edmond de Rothschild, Hugo Boss and Virbac St Michel are the new boats which have to abandon their Transat Jacques Vabre hopes. Foils do prove effective in the ideal conditions but these boats have had insufficient lead time to be properly tested before the start.

Paul Meilhat and Michel Desjoyeaux are forced to head to the West Indies after losing the trailing edge off their keel fin. The top three to battle it our remains Banque Populaire VIII, the only 'foiler' left in, PRB and Quéguiner-Leucemie Espoir. Armel Le Cléac'h and Erwan Tabarly on Banque Populaire VIII take command in the Canarian trade winds using their foils to good effect, but the Doldrums see the three duos very west. Vincent Riou and Sébastien Col on PRB get out the Doldrums traps first and stay ahead to the finish ahead of

Le Cleac'h and Tabarly in second. So for  PRB it is a second straight victory for Riou while Yann Elies and Charlie Dalin take a well earned, hard won third place.

This twelfth Transat Jacques Vabre is a valid test for so many skippers who are preparing for next year's Vendée Globe. The foils have demonstrated their potential but require further development and further reinforcement of highly stressed structures and so a winter of work in the boatbuilders beckons.

They said:

"The Transat Jacques Vabre in 2015 was rich in emotions and exciting challenge. We are proud that this Coffee Route race has became one of the key challenges for sailors, and has allowed them, again, to excel in the sporting and the human arena. I am particularly proud that four of our winners - François Gabart, Pascal Bidegorry, Vincent Riou and Sébastien Col are all appointed by the French Federation of Sailing to compete for the title of "Sailors of the Year" following their respective victories in the Transat Jacques Vabre. What a great recognition of their performance and the ever growing success of our beautiful transatlantic race!  And what a source of inspiration for all employees of the JDE group in their daily mission as coffee champions"
 Philippe Schaillée, President Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

"With its new technical challenges and the harsh weather conditions of the first week, the twelfth edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre will be remembered as a great edition. This great human adventure is seen more than ever as one of the major events in the world of ocean racing. I am pleased that this event is Le Havre's , and I look forwards to a very special edition, that of 2017, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the founding of our city! "Edouard Philippe, Mayor of Le Havre, Député de la Seine-Maritime.

Final Ranking
Ranking Skippers Boat Arrival Traveled distance Ground speed
1 Yannick Bestaven - Pierre Brasseur Le Conservateur 18/11/2015 5 962.60 9.24
2 Maxime Sorel - Sam Manuard V and B 18/11/2015 5 970.00 9.21
3 Louis Duc - Christophe Lebas Carac Advanced Energies 20/11/2015 5 966,90 8.69
4 Thibaut Vauchel-Camus - Victorien Erussard Solidaires En Peloton ARSEP 20/11/2015
6 008.70 8.52
5 Bertrand Delesne - Nils Palmieri Teamwork 40 21/11/2015 6 091.10 8.35
6 Eduardo Penido - Renato Araújo Zetra 23/11/2015 6 152.50 7.91
7 Manuel Cousin - Gérald Quéouron Groupe Setin 23/11/2015 5 976.00 7.82
8 Valentin Lemarchand - Arthur Hubert SNBSM Espoir Compétition 23/11/2015 6 080.30 7.81
9 Phillippa Hutton-Squire - Pip Hare Concise 2 23/11/2015 5 931.00 7.81
10 Alan Roura - Juliette Pêtrès Club 103 27/11/2015 6 153.60 6.83
11 Thibault Hector - Morgan Launay Creno Moustache Solidaire 27/11/2015 6 844.90 6.78
ABD Nicolas Troussel - Corentin Horeau Bretagne - Crédit Mutuel Élite      
ABD Catherine Pourre - Antoine Carpentier Eärendil      
ABD Jack Bouttell - Gildas Mahé Team Concise      
1 Erwan Le Roux - Giancarlo Pedote FenêtréA Prysmian 11/11/2015 6 121.90 13.28
2 Thierry Bouchard - Oliver Krauss Ciela Village 12/11/2015 6 400.60 12.68
3 Lalou Roucayrol - César Dohy Arkema 15/11/2015 6 336.50 10.74
ABD Gilles Lamiré - Yvan Bourgnon La French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo      
1 Vincent Riou - Sébastien Col PRB 11/11/2015 6 034.10 13.22
2 Armel Le Cléac'h - Erwan Tabarly Banque Populaire VIII 11/11/2015 6 118.70 12.97
3 Yann Elies - Charlie Dalin Queguiner - Leucemie Espoir 11/11/2015 6 055.80 12.92
4 Thomas Ruyant - Adrien Hardy Le Souffle du Nord 12/11/2015 6 022.80 12.46
5 Tanguy de Lamotte - Samantha Davies Initiatives-Coeur 12/11/2015 6 124.00 12.30
6 Bertrand de Broc - Marc Guillemot MACSF 13/11/2015 6 005.10 11.89
7 Eric Bellion - Sam Goodchild Comme Un Seul Homme - Stand As One 13/11/2015 6 116.10 11.78
8 Fabrice Amedeo - Eric Peron Newrest / Matmut 13/11/2015 6 037.40 11.71
9 Louis Burton - Romain Attanasio Bureau Vallée 13/11/2015 6 017.40 11.71
ABD Kito de Pavant - Yann Régniau Bastide - Otio      
ABD Arnaud Boissières - Stan Maslard Le Bateau Des Metiers By Aerocampus      
ABD Alex Thomson - Guillermo Altadill Hugo Boss      
ABD Jérémie Beyou - Philippe Legros Maître CoQ      
ABD Nándor Fa - Péter Perényi Spirit Of Hungary      
ABD Eric Holden - Morgen Watson O Canada      
ABD Nicolas Boidevézi - Ryan Breymaier ADOPTEUNSKIPPER.NET      
ABD Jean-Pierre Dick - Fabien Delahaye StMichel - Virbac      
ABD Paul Meilhat - Michel Desjoyeaux SMA      
ABD Morgan Lagravière - Nicolas Lunven Safran      
ABD Sébastien Josse - Charles Caudrelier Edmond De Rothschild      
1 François Gabart - Pascal Bidégorry MACIF 07/11/2015 6 339.80 17.68
2 Thomas Coville - Jean-Luc Nélias Sodebo Ultim' 07/11/2015 6 415.20 17.26
ABD Lionel Lemonchois - Roland Jourdain Prince De Bretagne      
ABD Yves le Blévec - Jean-Baptiste Le Vaillant Actual      

Transat Jacques Vabre 2013

The eleventh edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre double handed race set the longest course yet in the 20 years history of the coffee route. The MOD70 one design Multihulls set a blistering pace with a head to match race all of the 5450 miles course from Le Havre to Itajaí, Brasil. The IMOCA Open 60 fleet featured 10 boats from the last Vendée Globe and the flourishing Class 40 fleet drew 26 entries and delivered a truly international podium. And the Multi 50 class also enjoyed a thrilling match race between the top two protagonists. 

MOD 70: Atlantic Match Race
There were two MOD70s on the start line in Le Havre. Jean-Pierre Dick’s Virbac-Paprec 70 capsized whilst training and broke their rig, just as Spindrift Racing also did in the summer. But the two, Edmond de Rothschild (Sébastien Josse and Charles Caudrelier) and Oman Air-Musandam (Sidney Gavignet and Damian Foxall) produced a close and engaging high speed race all the way from the start line off Le Havre to the finish line in Itajaí. 

Whilst Edmond de Rothschild may have lead from the first mark of the course, and extended after breaking away slightly at Cape Finisterre, it was really only in the final hours of the race that Gavignet and Ireland’s Foxall had to concede they were destined for second place. The maximum delta was around 100 miles but in the latter stages of an express race, over which they averaged over 22kts boatspeed, the differential dropped to about 27 with 36 hours to the line. 
It was the first time the MOD70s were raced two up, as a duo, and indeed the longest oceanic course yet for the closely matched one design multihulls. 

At Ushant Edmond de Rothschild had a lead of just three miles but as they approached Cape Finisterre in five metres seas and 30knots of wind, conditions Gavignet described at the time as the worst combination of wind and seas that he had yet experienced on the MOD70. But Edmond de Rothschild pushed a little harder when it was tough and got to the Portuguese trade winds first, off Porto, and were able increase their margin as the long, relentless sprint to Brasil really started. 
In the trades they were averaging 25kts and sustained speeds of 30-32kts at times. And with the Azores high well positioned to the north for them it was a veritable motorway run south at top speeds. Between the Canaries and the Cape Verde islands Josse and Caudrelier were 101 miles ahead. 

In the Doldrums there is a small mistake by Edmond de Rothschild when they set up to the west of Oman Air-Musandam which manages to escape to their east with a measure of leverage which allows them to come back at the leaders as they converge towards the Brasilian coast the lead cut to 60 miles off Salvador de Bahia and 20 miles off Vittoria. But as they negotiate a stormy little frontal system off Cabo Frio Oman¬ Air-Musandam drop off the back of the front and Edmond de Rothschild are able to sail away at speed again, finishing some five hours ahead of their adversaries. 

"These eleven days of racing were really intense and difficult. We have lead from the beginning to end but as we approached the Brasilian coast we saw that lead melt away and it was difficult to hold on. These boats are great, but physically very tough. We had no respite from start to finish. We had some difficult periods and times of extreme fatigue. It is great to finish, a bonus to win. " Josse said 

Multi 50, Winning feels better as skipper
Six Multi 50s crossed the start line off Le Havre, four finished and the match race between FenetreA Cardinal and Actual was won by FenetreA-Cardinal, sailed by Erwan Le Roux and Yann Elies.  Maitre Jacques retired after losing the bow off their port float, and Arkéma-Région Aquitaine capsized 200 miles off Cascais and had to be towed to Madeira, upturned. 
In many respects the Multi 50s got the worst of the weather in the Bay of Biscay as they hit a big, fast moving low. It was Le Roux and Elies who lead at Ushant after making their passage inside. With 35kts and big seas on the passage across Biscay it was Actual which broke through the front first and were able to extend to be in command by the latitude of Porto.  
Actual stopped quickly in Porto Santo, Madeira to replace their wind vanes. It was short and sharp but it still cost them their lead, FenetreA Cardinal moved ahead. In the Doldrums Actual came back at them in the west but the leaders were able to increase their margin in the disorganised and slightly variable trades. They suffered with many squalls and unsettled winds, but in the reaching conditions FenetreA Cardinal is quicker. Off Vitoria the delta is down to 20 miles again as Actual works inshore as the breeze moves north. 

By Rio the lead is shaved back to 15 miles but this time the leaders are first to benefit from the new regime on the approach to Itajaí and after 14 days and 17 hours of racing at an average of 16.5kts, Le Roux and Elies win by a matter of 70 miles or five hours. Around five days later Gilles Lamiré and Andrea Mura (Rennes Métropole-Saint Malo Agglomération) complete the podium. For Le Roux it is his second win in the Multi 50 class, winning as co-skipper in 2009 with Franck-Yves Escoffier. 
“This win, as skipper, has a different feel for sure. It is a win for the whole team, from the technical guys to out sponsors who have been with me since 2010. It is very satisfying because we stuck to our guns. We never wanted to push the boat too hard in the early days of the race, we took more care. And so off Salvador de Bahia the boat was still immaculate. We had many hard days, Yves Le Blévec and Kito de Pavant kept us under pressure the whole time.” Erwan Le Roux concluded 

IMOCA Open 60 Won in Ten 
Ten IMOCA Open 60’s, all past competitors on the last Vendée Globe, started in Le Havre. Vincent Riou and Jean Le Cam combined their skills to each score their first ever Transat Jacques Vabre victory. They won by four hours over Safran after 17 days of racing. Only one IMOCA Open 60, the pre-race favourite MACIF of Vendée Globe winner Francois Gabart and Michel Desjoyeaux, did not finish. They were dismasted off Salvador de Bahia when they were leading. 

The finishers in Itajaí spoke of the relentless pressure, the intensity of the competition and the wet, fast reaching conditions which characterised the continuous sprint from Le Havre to Brasil. Only in the Channel after the start were the conditions relatively moderate. Otherwise this north to south Transat course was taken flat out. 
Of the five new generation boats, all lead at one stage or another. And the battle among the older generation boats was no less intense, nor hard fought.  

It was really in the middle of the Bay of Biscay that the first real break was made. As it was expected on this course, MACIF were first to break free on the south side of the depression at around 100 miles to Cape Finisterre and they were simply able to press the accelerator with a small, but acknowledged speed edge. But their high speeds came at a cost, and pair of Vendée Globe winners had to relinquish their early lead, having to make an express pit stop into Peniche 70 miles to the NW of Lisbon, to repair a broken rudder. Their five hour halt lost them the lead. 

Then, just after they had passed the latitude of the Canaries it was the turn of PRB to confirm that they had rudder problems too, and would stop into Mindelo in the Cape Verde islands. With between 60 and 90 miles of an advance on the pack, the lead returns to MACIF. 
The duo match race only miles apart as they emerge from the Doldrums, in a close reaching speed test more reminiscent of a Port La Foret training session. Sure enough MACIF does ease ahead, gaining small miles, stretching to a solid looking lead until their mast came crashing down. They make it Salvador de Bahia under jury rig, the golden duo feeling the same disappointment they last shared in the Barcelona World Race when they lost the tip of their mast SW of Cape Town. 
PRB are well placed to take advantage to return a great win for the duo which became close after Riou rescued Le Cam from his upturned IMOCA Open 60 off Cape Horn.  Safran takes second with Marc Guillemot and Pascal Bidégorry. The closest finish is that between Initiatives Coeur and Team Plastique which goes down to nine seconds in favour of Tanguy de Lamotte and Belgian actor Francois Damiens ahead the Italian pair Alessandro di Benedetto and Alberto Monaco.

" I feel we did a good job, we had good speed and we were good in changing our rudder, and I think we sailed well from the beginning to the end of the race. We made few mistakes but we have a boat with good potential allround but it may not always be the best. I admit that I made a big tactical error at the start in the Bay of Biscay, but apart from that, it was a good race. We never missed a manoeuvre. We were always pushing, always steering when we could and made a good course. And when we broke the rudder we looked at the routings and figured it was worth a go. There were just three days to get the rudder and get there. So with plane timings it was close." Said Vincent Riou on arrival at Itajai .

Class40’ Pressure drop 
With 26 boats Class 40 was the biggest and most international fleet of this 11th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre. Underlining that fact, after the French duo which won on GDF SUEZ – Sébastien Rogues and Fabien Delahaye – second place went to the all Spanish pair Alex Pella and Pablo Santurde on Tales Santander 2014 while Germany’s Jorg Riechers took third on Mare sailing with French co-skipper Pierre Brasseur. First and third placed boats were Sam Manuard designed Mach 40 designs while Tales is a new Botin Partners design. 

Looking at the course and the weather files pre-start this was always going to be a race which would advantage the leaders,  a rich get richer scenario.  That put considerable pressure on from the start as there would be few opportunities to get back at boats in front other than by dint of pure speed. 

The Class 40 start was given along with the three other classes but they were to stop into Roscoff to allow the worst of the weather to pass, before restarting in order of times into the Breton haven. 

So it was that after about 26 hours of racing GDF SUEZ (Rogues-Delahaye) lead into the new port of  Bloscon with a very small lead ahead of Mare (Riechers-Brasseur)Tales Santander 2014 (Pella-Santurde) and Watt & Sea-Région Poitou Charentes (Bestaven-Ducroz). 

After waiting 37 hours in the marina it is GDF SUEZ which leads off into a dirty, windy very early morning with very big, unruly seas. But with 30kts of breeze from the NW they are able to extend immediately for the exit of the Channel into the Bay of Biscay.  Rogues, partnered by the rising young star of the Figaro circuit Delahaye – winner of the MACIF SKIPPER scholarship – manage to build enough of a lead that they can make a carefully timed technical stop into Muxia to replace their wind vanes and still emerge with a lead of 15 miles ahead of their sistership with the German-French duo pushing hard.

While the Spanish duo are fortunate to be able to stop into La Coruna to repair their own rudder problem, downtime which round the world racer Pella believes ultimately costs them the overall victory, the British duo on the new Ker designed Concise 8 are not as lucky and they have to retire when their port rudder gives way.

There is a certain attrition which takes its toll through the fleet. Britain’s Miranda Merron and partner Halvard Mabire are up to third when they lose their main spinnaker which costs them places all the way down the course on Campagne de France. Similarly Brian Thompson and Mike Gascoyne suffer sail damage off Porto, and have to drop their mainsail for the best part of 36 hours to repair it. Ultimately they have to stop in Recife after their handiwork finally gives way for the last time.  

But it does prove to be a leaders course. GDF SUEZ are challenged by the very fast Spanish who make a small mistake in the Bay of Rio, but they finish a good second only four hours behind the team which started the race as favourites after winning five races or regattas back to back. 
The Austrian duo on Vaquita, entrepreneur Christof Petter and ex Volvo skipper Andreas Hanakamp finish in eighth, just ahead of Mabire and Merron.  

"To win the legendary race that is the the Transat Jacques Vabre as my first big ocean race win makes be very proud. The boat is great , it has reached astronomical speeds, up to 24.7 knots. I am a happy man because my season aboard GDF SUEZ has been so successful. We had to stay focused until the end because the pressure from behind was intense. We worried when we lost two spinnakers. My partnership with Fabien went very well. I sailed with one of the most talented sailors of his generation. But I also made a friend . " Said Sébastien Rogues on arrival.






Traveled distance

Ground speed






Sébastien Rogues - Fabien Delahaye


29/11/2013 22:56:00

5 573,78



Alex Pella - Pablo Santurde


30/11/2013 02:36:50

5 660,16



Jörg Riechers - Pierre Brasseur


30/11/2013 04:36:30

5 663,16



Yannick Bestaven - Aurélien Ducroz

WATT  and SEA Région Poitou Charentes

01/12/2013 09:29:21

5 610,30



Jean-Christophe Caso - Aymeric Chappellier


01/12/2013 11:41:22

5 632,22



Fabrice Amedeo - Armel Tripon


01/12/2013 12:09:14

5 632,76



Damien Seguin - Yoann Richomme


01/12/2013 13:28:49

5 594,99



Christof Petter - Andreas Hanakamp


01/12/2013 14:54:08

5 697,91



Halvard Mabire - Miranda Merron


02/12/2013 01:02:22

5 603,48



Louis Duc - Stéphanie Alran


02/12/2013 03:54:42

5 676,11



Victorien Erussard - Thibaut Vauchel-Camus


02/12/2013 11:16:40

5 855,17



Gaetano Mura - Sam Manuard

BET 1128

02/12/2013 11:44:23

5 635,09



Stefano Raspadori - Pietro D'Ali


02/12/2013 12:58:15

5 796,88



Mike Gascoyne - Brian Thompson


02/12/2013 17:50:45

5 703,36



Bertrand Guillonneau - Sébastien Audigane


03/12/2013 23:26:50

5 801,31



Denis Van Weynbergh - Jean-Edouard Criquioche


03/12/2013 23:38:56

5 802,95



Damien Rousseau - Matthieu Alluin


04/12/2013 00:55:15

5 907,42



Catherine Pourre - Goulven Royer


04/12/2013 01:58:20

5 789,77



Lionel Regnier - Tim Darni


04/12/2013 17:38:50

5 712,76



Olivier Roussey - Philippe  Burger


05/12/2013 18:42:50

5 896,96



Michelle Zwagerman  - Patrick Conway


06/12/2013 00:38:03

5 672,36



Eric Darni - Florent Bernard


07/12/2013 06:03:55

5 862,20



Hannah Jenner - Rob Windsor


09/12/2013 05:43:00

6 297,14



Dominique Rivard- Wilfrid Clerton





Bruno Jourdren - Thomas Ruyant

DUNKERQUE Planète Enfants




Ned Collier Wakefield - Sam Goodchild







Erwan Leroux - Yann Eliès


22/11/2013 05:40:15

5 872,04



Yves le Blevec - Kito de Pavant


22/11/2013 10:47:30

5 866,20



Gilles Lamiré - Andrea Mura


27/11/2013 04:03:46

6 229,99



Erik Nigon - Samy Villeneuve


27/11/2013 13:11:18

5 895,17



Lalou Roucayrol - Mayeul Riffet

ARKEMA - Region Aquitaine




Loïc Fequet - Loïc Escoffier







Vincent Riou - Jean Le Cam


24/11/2013 12:41:47

5 769,20



Marc Guillemot - Pascal Bidégorry


24/11/2013 16:43:23

5 746,74



Jérémie Beyou - Christopher Pratt


24/11/2013 17:15:07

5 743,41



Bernard Stamm - Philippe Legros


25/11/2013 00:19:44

5 748,65



Louis Burton - Guillaume Le Brec


27/11/2013 14:18:45

5 922,18



Bertrand de Broc - Arnaud Boissières


27/11/2013 16:34:05

5 880,69



Zbigniew Gutkowski - Maciej Marczewski


27/11/2013 22:47:17

6 000,69



Tanguy de Lamotte - François Damiens


28/11/2013 15:55:46

5 860,11



Allesandro Di Benedetto - Alberto Monaco


28/11/2013 15:55:55

5 748,10



François Gabart - Michel Desjoyeaux







Sébastien Josse - Charles Caudrelier


18/11/2013 17:03:54

5 951,79



Sidney Gavignet - Damian Foxall


18/11/2013 22:04:09

5 967,65



Transat Jacques Vabre 2011

The 2011 Edition - A tough but beautiful race

The start of the 2011 race was postponed by 74 hours due to the onset of very bad weather. That was the precursor to a very rough first week of sailing in the North Atlantic when 15 of the 35 starters( 43 % of the fleet ) dropped out. On a northerly routing their was a third winning medal for Jean- Pierre Dick and a new IMOCA reference time of 15 days 18 hours 15 minuts and 54 seconds
Those are some of the bare facts that underpinned the tenth edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre to Costa Rica. It was a memorable race in that it was tough, intense and beautiful to the end.
On October 21 thirty five boats mustered in the port of Le Havre. There were thirteen IMOCA 60 , six Multi50s and sixteen Class 40, the 40’s back on the Transat Jacques Vabre again after their first participation back in 2007.
In the early autumn days when it was mild and sunny before the start, the ambience was light and pleasant on the docks of the Paul Vatine basin in Le Havre. But there was always the malevolent threat of a big Autumn Atlantic lows threatening the fleets.  A big depression spinning off Newfoundland is cause for concern among all the teams In the end this weather system puts paid to plans for a good, weekend start .
The start originally scheduled for Oct. 30 is postponed. Race Director Jean Maurel made the ​​the announcement that the start would be held at the final weather briefing. The delay was to last 3 days and 2 hours. And so on November 2 at 1500hrs local time, the fleet is finally set off for the assault of the Atlantic.
On the menu: 4730 miles for the big and the smaller monohulls and 5323 for the multihulls which make an additional hitch out to round Saint Barthelemy (to port ) and Barbados (starboard ) .
The teams are into the fray very rapidly. There are not one but three depressions to deal with, all in the space of four days. Racing in winds reaching 35-40 knots is the norm with heavy seas, and added to the sheer intensity of competition in each of the three classes combines to take a heavy toll in the three different classes.
The bulk of the retirements are in the first few days, really between 3 and 6 November and then just off the Azores.
The most dramatic is that of the IMOCA 60 Cheminées Poujoulat which sustains a crack to the front of the hull. Bernard Stamm and Jean Francois Cuzon have to be  airlifted to the Azores by the Portuguese Navy.  Their boat is towed back to the Azores later, half sunk.
Conditions do improve as the first duos pass the Azores, gaining fast settled conditions and the race really takes off.
It is the different options between the north and south, and then the sporting head to head battles over the last difficult 1000 miles in the Caribbean Sea which is dotted with tough little squalls that are important.
In the end it is those who follow the northern route, closer to the direct course which prevail, winners of this 2011 race. That is the strategy certainly for the winners of the IMOCA class, Virbac- Paprec 3 first into Costa Rica in their class after 15 days , 18 hours , 15 minutes and 54 seconds of almost faultless sailing.
In Puerto Limon  finish destination of the Transat Jacques Vabre for the second consecutive time, the local population offer a warm and spirited welcome to the sailors.
Fiercely competitive, armed with a boat that is fast and reliable, Jean -Pierre Dick and Jérémie Beyou improve by 1 hour and 7 minutes the winning time set two years ago by Safran on the same course .

This performance, added to his win in the Barcelona World Race 2010-2011 sees Jean-Pierre Dick to be crowned sailor of the year a few days later. On Actual, Yves le Blévec and Samuel Manuard win in the Multi50s while Yannick Bestaven and Eric Drouglazet ( ) lift the top award in Class 40 .






Ground Speed







Jean-Pierre DICK- Jérémie BEYOU

Virbac-Paprec 3

18/11/2011 09:15




Hugo Boss

19/11/2011 00:20



Armel LECLEACH-Christopher PRATT

Banque Populaire

19/11/2011 06:00



François Gabart-Sébastien COL


19/11/2011 07:50




Groupe Bel

19/11/2011 09:04





19/11/2011 10:27





20/11/2011 07:45



Dominique WAVRE -Michèle PARET


20/11/2011 10:39





20/11/2011 12:42




Akena Verandas




Vincent RIOU -Hugues DESTREMAU






DCNS 1000




Bernard STAMM -Jean-François CUZON

Cheminées Poujoulat
















20/11/2011 08:07




Maitre Jacques

21/11/2011 13:10



Franck Yves ESCOFFIER- Antoine KOCH

Crêpes Whaou !




Julien MABIT-Etienne MABIT





Prince de Bretagne





FenetreA - Cardinal















24/11/2011 08:59




ERDF Des pieds et des mains

24/11/2011 18:08




40 degrees

25/11/2011 19:22



Aasberg Rune-Simen LOVGREN


26/11/2011 01:10



Jacques FOURNIER-Jean Christophe CASO


27/11/2011 13:42




11th Hour Racing

27/11/2011 23:00



Stéphanie ALRAN-Jean-Edouard CRIQUIOCHE

Phoenix Europe Express

28/11/2011 17:54



Christophe COATNOAN-Etienne LAFORGUE


01/12/2011 07:00





01/12/2011 07:18




Bureau Veritas - Dunkerque Plaisance





Comiris Pole Santé Elior





Concise 2





Avis Immobilier





Lecoq Cuisine




Anna Maria RENKEN-Jakica JESIH

Gust buster





Initiatives - Alex Olivier



Transat Jacques Vabre 2009

Brazil takes over from Costa rica for the 2009 edition, no more doldrums to cross but the Caribbean prove to be as tough. Fourteen IMOCAs will face one of the hardest Transat Jacques Vabre ever. So much that the crew Desjoyeaux-Beyou opt for the trade winds lane when the storm tears the roof off BT and Sébastien Josse and Jean-François Cuzon are airlifted and transported to the Azores... Those who passed the storm unscathed can profit from the good conditions in the Caribbean, Marc Guillemot and Charles Caudrelier sign their first victory on their sistership skippered by expert Kito de Pavant and young François Gabart. On the route to Puerto Limon, when the wind dies down, Franck-Yves Escoffier and Erwan Leroux on their Multi 50 win in the multihull division.


Ranking Skippers Boats Arrival Grouund speed
1 M.Guillemot/C.Caudrelier Safran 24/11/2009    09:52 12,46
2 K.De Pavant – F.Gabart Groupe Bel    24/11/2009    18:32 12,18
3 M. Golding/J.Sanso Mike Golding Yacht Racing 25/11/2009    15:59 11,54
4 M.Desjoyeaux/J.Beyou Foncia 25/11/2009    23:14 11,34
5 A.Pella/P.Ribes W.Hotels 27/11/2009    12:41 10,41
6 R.Jourdain/JL.Nélias    Veolia Environnement 27/11/2009    12:46 10,41
7 A.Boissières/V.Riou Akenas Verandas            27/11/2009    15:50 10,34
8 D.Caffari/B.Thompson Aviva                 27/11/2009    16:17 10,33
9 Y.Parlier/P. Rivero 1876                    27/11/2009    19:07 10,26
10 S.Davies/S. Gavignet Artemis             28/11/2009    06:50 10,01
ABD A.Le Cleac'h/N.Troussel Brit Air    
ABD S.Josse/JF. Cuzon BT    
ABD M.Thiercelin/C.Pratt DCNS    
ABD A.Thomson/R.Daniel Hugo Boss    
1 FY. Escoffier/E. Leroux Crêpes Whaou !   24/11/2009 13,41
2 V. Erussard/L. Fecquet Guyader pour Urgence Climatique 30/11/2009 18:19 9,46
3 L.Roucayrol/A.Alfaro Région Aquitaine-Port Medoc 30/11/2009 22:22 9,39
4 H.Cleris/C.Dietsch Prince de Bretagne 09/12/2009 01:39 6,88
ABD Y.Le Blevec/J.Le Cam Actual    
ABD A. Maignan/N.Harel Fenetrea-Cardinal  

Transat Jacques Vabre 2007

Changing shift

The 2007 edition marks the nearly extinction of the Orma trimaran (there are only five boats on the start) but the incredible growth of the monohulls with seventeen IMOCAs and no less than thirty Class40. With an eye set on the forthcoming Vendée Globe great  interest goes to a brand new VPLP-Verdier design Safran, a very innovative project compared to the armada of Farr designed boats. Franck Cammas with Stève Ravussin wins his third Transat Jacques Vabre with a record time: 10 days and 38 minutes on the route from  Le Havre to Salvador de Bahia. Before winning once again the singlehanded round the world race, Michel Desjoyeaux takes yet another great race in 17 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes and short of one hour ahead of Marc Guillemot and Charles Caudrelier, heavily handicapped by the loss of their spinnaker. With co- skipper Karine Fauconnier, Franck-Yves Escoffier doubles his success in the Multi 50 class while the battle in the Class40 ends with an all-Italian victory by Giovanni Soldini and Pietro D’Ali…


Ranking Boats Skippers Arrival
1 Foncia DESJOYEAUX Michel/LE BORGNE Emmanuel 20/11/2007 16:37
2 Safran GUILLEMOT Marc/CAUDRELIER Charles 20/11/2007 17:31
3 Cheminées Poujoulat STAMM Bernard/CARIOU Tanguy 20/11/2007 19:19
4 VM Matériaux LE CAM Jean/MORVAN Gildas 20/11/2007 21:50
5 Ecover III GOLDING MIKE/DUBOIS Bruno 21/11/2007 06:09
6 Groupe Bel DE PAVANT Kito/COL Sébastien 21/11/2007 07:44
7 Brit Air LE CLEAC'H Armel/TROUSSEL Nicolas 21/11/2007 11:13
8 Gitana Eighty PEYRON Loick/LEVAILLANT Jean Baptiste 21/11/2007 21:33
9 Generali ELIES Yan/AUDIGANE Sébastien 21/11/2007 21:40
10 Roxy DAVIES Samantha/GREGOIRE Jeanne 22/11/2007 11:56
11 Maisonneuve DEJEANTY Jean Baptiste/LAURENT Hervé 22/11/2007 20:02
12 Akena Vérandas BOISSIERES Arnaud/CHOMETTE Jean Philippe 23/11/2007 12:16
13 Cervin EnR BESTAVEN Yannick/GUERIN Ronan 23/11/2007 13:36
14 Aviva CAFFARI Dee/KING Nigel 23/11/2007 22:10
15 Pakea Bizkaia 2009 BASURKO Unai/GANDARIAS Gonzalo 24/11/2007 21:46
16 Great American III WILSON Rich/BIRCH Mike 26/11/2007 13:32
ABD Artemis MALBON Jonny/TOURELL Graham  
1 Groupama CAMMAS Franck/RAVUSSIN Steve 14/11/2007 13:40
2 Gitana 11 LEMONCHOIS Lionel/GUICHARD Yann 14/11/2007 22:51
3 Banque Populaire BIDEGORRY Pascal/RAVUSSIN Yvan 15/11/2007 05:59
4 Brossard BOURGNON Yvan/VINCENT Jacques 15/11/2007 14:17
5 Sopra KOCH Antoine/GENDRON Grégory 16/11/2007 00:25
CLASS 50 OPEN - Date retenue pour le calcul du classement provisoire estimé à : 01/12/07 18:00
1 Crèpes Whaou ! ESCOFFIER Franck Yves/FAUCONNIER Karine 20/11/2007 11:29
2 Laiterie de Saint Malo ERUSSARD Victorien/DAHIREL frédéric 22/11/2007 04:02
3 Croisières Anne Caseneuve CASENEUVE Anne/HOUDET Djamina 23/11/2007 23:02
4 NIM Intérim Management ROUCAYROL Lalou/VAN DEN BROEK Pierre 24/11/2007 01:35
5 Négoceane LANGEVIN Roger/LANGEVIN Alexis 25/11/2007 15:58
6 Victorinox MONNIER Dany/DUPUY Pierre 26/11/2007 23:56
7 DZ DE CARLAN Hervé/DE CARLAN Nolwenn 01/12/2007 16:00
ABD Avocet 50 LILTI Jean-François/GOSSELIN Xavier  
1 Télécom Italia SOLDINI Giovanni/D'ALI Pietro 26/11/2007 03:02
2 ATAO Audio System VITTET Dominic/CHABAGNY Thierry 26/11/2007 07:49
3 Chocolats Monbana GRIMONT Damien/Le Roux Erwan 26/11/2007 15:59
4 Appart City NOBLET Yvan/MORVAN Patrick 26/11/2007 16:37
5 A.ST Groupe EMIG Marc/de BROC Bertrand 26/11/2007 19:52
6 Groupe Partouche COATNOAN Christophe/LEBAS Christophe 26/11/2007 23:02
7 Vecteur Plus - Groupe Moniteur JOURDREN Bruno/PICHELIN Nicolas 27/11/2007 02:57
8 Novedia Set Environnement DE LAMOTTE Tanguy/BUBB Nick 27/11/2007 07:38
9 Sidaction AUBRY Arnaud/CARPENTIER Antoine 27/11/2007 10:13
10 Mistral Loisirs - Elior BOUCHARD Thierry/KRAUSS Oliver 27/11/2007 10:14
11 Deep Blue ARTHAUD Florence/POUPON Luc 27/11/2007 10:14
12 Thirard DOIN Pascal/DEFERT Eric 27/11/2007 14:20
13 Siegena Aubi LE PESQUEUX Marc/CUBILLOS Felipe 27/11/2007 16:42
14 40 Degrees HARDING Peter/LIARDET Anne 27/11/2007 16:49
15 E Leclerc Ville La Grand VIANT Jean-Michel/MAGRE Olivier 27/11/2007 16:59
16 Clarke Offshore Racing CLARKE Simon/LINDSAY David 27/11/2007 18:33
17 Merci les amis ! POUJOL Cecile/BEAUVAIS Rémi 27/11/2007 19:41
18 En avant les enfants! BERREHAR Yvon/BIBOT Gérald 27/11/2007 20:56
19 Pindar 40 ROYLE JO/BARRIER Alexia 28/11/2007 00:56
20 Nous Entreprenons FOURNIER Jacques/JANTET André 28/11/2007 13:06
21 Jardin Bio - Prévoir PARNAUDEAU Benoît/CASO Jean-Christophe 28/11/2007 15:16
22 Commerce équitable CRIQUIOCHE Jean-Edouard/DUC Louis 28/11/2007 15:17
23 Concise GOHL Dan / GALL Tom 28/11/2007 15:19
24 EDF Energies Nouvelles AUGEIX David /MARCHAND Nicolas 28/11/2007 18:36
25 Groupe Sefico REGNIER Lionel/CAVAN Pierre Yves 29/11/2007 01:05
26 Merena GUILLAUME Alexis/BOON FALLEUR Bernard 29/11/2007 18:16
27 Grassi Bateaux GALMARD Eric/GRASSI Olivier 29/11/2007 22:13
28 Gonser Group LEFEBVRE David/GONSER Florian 02/12/2007 07:00
ABD Fujifilm BENNETT Alex/PEDLEY Ifor  
ABD Kazimir Partners VAN DER WEL Lenjohn/VAN DER WEL Peter  


Transat Jacques Vabre 2005

The Paul Vatine dock is crowded in 2005: thirty-six boats aligned on the pontoons. Just after the start the whole fleet is hit by a strong low-pressure system just off Brittany point. Many suffer from breakages, Yvan Bourgnon and Thomas Coville abandon and Armel Le Cléac’h capsizes. The it's Franck Cammas's turn to pitchpole at the Canaries, followed by the Italian duo Soldini-Malingri to be catched unawares by a storm off the African coast. Several crews stop to make repairs while Pascal Bidégorry and Lionel Lemonchois get the best out of the trade winds, finishing in first after 14 days, 1 hour and 46 minutes, three hours before Le Peutrec-Guichard neck and neck with Desjoyeaux-Destremau. The finish among the monohulls is also exciting to the very end: Jean-Pierre Dick accompanied by Loïck Peyron takes the double in 13 hours, 9 hours and 19 minutes followed by Roland Jourdain and Ellen MacArthur, just thirty minutes later. On their new Multi 50, the Escoffiers, father and son, startle everyone by taking line honours in 12 days, 6 hours and 14 minutes!


Ranking Skippers Boats Race time Ground speed
Multihulls 60 Orma
1 Pascal Bidegoory & Lionel Lemonchois Banque Populaire 14j 1h 46m 29s 15,37
2 Fréderic Le Peutrec & Yann Guichard Gitana 11 14j 4h 50m 15s 15,23
3 Michel Desjoyeaux & Hugues Destremau Géant 14j 5h 27m 44s 15,2
4 Thierry Duprey du Vorsent & Erwan Le Roux Gitana X 17j 11h 6m 33s 12,38
ABD Stève Ravussin & Yvan Ravussin Orange Project    
ABD Giovanni Soldini & Vittorio Malingri TIM Progetto Italia    
ABD Yvan Bourgnon & Charles Caudrelier Brossard    
ABD Thomas Coville & Jacques Vincent Sodebo    
ABD Franck Cammas & Franck Proffit Groupama 2    
ABD Armel Le Cléac'h & Damian Foxall Foncia    
Monohulls 60 IMOCA
1 Jean-Pierre Dick & Loïck Peyron Virbac-Paprec 13j 9h 19m 2s 13,51
2 Roland Jourdain & Ellen MMacArthur Sill et Veolia 13j 9h 54m 3s 13,48
3 Jean Le Cam & Kito de Pavant Bonduelle 13j 19h 29m 52s 13,09
4 Mike Golding & Dominique Wavre Ecover 14j 0h 46m 25s 12,89
5 Brian Thompson & Will Oxley Skandia 14j 1h 14m 11s 12,87
6 Marc Thiercelin & Eric Drouglazet Pro-Form 14j 3h 54m 6s 12,77
7 Hervé Laurent & Laurent Massot UUDS 15j 20h 14m 22s 11,41
8 Anne Liardet & Miranda Merron Roxy 16j 7h 17m 42s 11,09
9 Joé Seeten & Cecilia Carreri Mare Verticale 17j 16h 16m 8s 10,23
10 Jean-Baptiste Dejeanty & Alexandre Toulorge Maisonneuve-Région Basse Normandie 19j 5h 20m 47s 9,41
11 Walter Antunes & Raphaël Coldefy Galileo 20j 4h 17m 31s 8,96
ABD Bernard Stamm & Yann Eliès Cheminées Poujoulat    
Multihulls Class 2
1 Franck-Yves Escoffier & Kevin Escoffier Crêpes Whaou ! 12j 6h 13m 59s 14,75
2 Dominique Demachy & Philippe Langlois Gifi 20j 4h 8m 20s 8,96
3 Pascal Quintin & Raphaël Sohier Jean Stalaven 20j 5h 56m 24s 8,93
4 Dany Monnier & Pierre Dupuy VictorInox 21j 3h 26m  8,3
ABD Roger Langevin & Henriette Lemay Négocéane-Donneurs de vie-Branec IV    
ABD Anne Caseneuve & Christophe Houdet Acanthe Ingénierie    
Monohulls Class 2
1 Joe Harris & Josh Hall Gryphon Solo 19j 9h 5m 45s 9,33
2 Kip Stone & Merfyn Owen Artforms 20j 2h 46m 51s 8,99
3 Servane Escoffier & Bertrand de Broc Vedettes de Bréhat 20j 3h 52m 2s 8,97
4 Luc Coquelin & Chantal Foligné Top 50 Guadeloupe 23j 0h 18m 23s 7,86
ABD Paul Metcalf & Ryan Finn Polarity Solo    
ABD Jean-François Durand & Karen Leibovici Défi Vendéen    
ABD Bob Escoffier & Gérard Faye Adecco - Etoile Horizon  

Transat Jacques Vabre 2003

Close finishes

The trimaran Orma class is still very active, despite the carnage on the Route du Rhum 2002 that drastically reduced the fleet, and the IMOCAs are all preparing for the imminent round the world race. The total monohull fleet is thus composed of seventeen boats, plus five 50' whilst the multihulls line up fourteen crews plus two Multi-50’… The monohulls are suffering to get out of the Channel and into the Atlantic, so much that Bernard Stamm is forced to stay close to the coast during a violent storm in the Bay of Biscay and multihulls must remain moored in Le Havre for four more days. The no longer have to get past Ascension Island. Franck Cammas and Franck Proffit get a second win in 11 days, 23 hours and 10 minutes, just one hour ahead of Jean-Luc Nélias and Loïck Peyron… Jean-Pierre Dick wins with his new Farr design but his competitors are not far behind and only nineteen minutes separate on the finish line the crews of Jourdain-Thomson and Golding-Thompson!


Ranking Skippers boats Race time Ground speed
Monohulls 60'        
1 J.P. Dick & N. Abiven VIRBAC 17j 15h 18min 05s 10,87
2 R. Jourdain & A. Thomson SILL 17j 22h 09min 11s 10,69
3 M. Golding & B. Thompson ECOVER 17j 22h 28min 37s 10,68
4 V. Riou & J. Beyou PRB 18j 08h 16min 44s 10,43
5 S. Josse & I. Autissier VMI 18j 17h 12min 42s 10,21
6 Nick Moloney & S. Davies TEAM COWES 18j 19h 57min 35s 10,14
7 D. Wavre & M. Paret CARREFOUR PREVENTION 19j 12h 54min 40s 9,75
8 J. Seeten & E. Dumont ARCELOR-DUNKERQUE 21j 04h 00min 14s 8,97
9 A. Koch & F. Robert LOIRE ATLANTIQUE 21j 20h 37min 21s 8,67
10 P. de Radigues & E. Canivenc GARNIER 22j 01h 32min 55s 8,58
11 D. Munduteguy & J.M. Odriozola 60ème SUD 23j 22h 00min 12s 7,89
12 B. Escoffier & S. Escoffier ADECCO 24j 00h 34min 15s 7,85
H.T. M. Birch & R. Birch TIR GROUPE    
ABD G. Leblanc & M. Nadeau CIMENT ST-LAURENT OCEAN    
ABD C. Heidrich & J. Sanso OBJECTIF 3    
ABD E. Richards & M. Sanderson PINDAR    
Monohulls 50'        
1 C. Humphreys & P. Larsen HELLOMOTO 22j 06h 21min 20s 8,50
H.T. J.F Durand & S. Chemin DEFI VENDEEN 24j 18h 01min 15s 7,61
H.T. R. Guillemot & O. Salnelle STORAGETEK 25j 21h 45min 25s 7,26
ABD R. Diniz & M. Taylor LABESFAL    
ABD R. Lanfevin & H. Lemay BRANEC III    
Multihulls 60'        
1 F.Cammas & F. Proffit GROUPAMA 11j 23h 10min 41s 16,49
2 J.L. Nélias & L. Peyron BELGACOM 12j 00h 22min 42s 16,42
3 K. Fauconnier & D. Foxall SERGIO TACCHINI 12j 03h 20min 28s 16,23
4 M. Desjoyeaux & H. Jan GEANT 12j 06h 27min 31s 16,05
5 M. Guillemot & Y. Guichard BISCUITS LA TRINITAINE 12j 08h 11min 55s 15,94
6 L. Roucayrol & P.Bidégorry BANQUE POPULAIRE 12j 09h 27min 44s 15,87
7 T. Coville & J. Vincent SODEBO 12j 11h 20min 15s 15,76
8 L. Lemonchois & M. Guessard GITANA 12j 19h 50min 45s 15,29
9 A. Gautier & E. MacArthur FONCIA 12j 20h 38min 06s 15,25
10 P. Monnet & L. Bourgnon SOPRA GROUP 12j 20h 55min 50s 15,23
11 J. Le Cam & K. de Pavant BONDUELLE 13j 02h 00min 21s 14,97
12 F. Le Peutrec & J. Cressant BAYER CROPSCIENCE 13j 12h 31min 02s 14,44
13 S. Ravussin & Y. Ravussin BANQUE COVEFI 13j 19h 04min 00s 14,13
ABD G. Soldini & V. Malingri TIM    
Multihulls 50'        
H.T. R. Hobson & A. Newman MOLLYMAWK 27j 15h 58min 00s 6,85
ABD A. Caseneuve & C. Houdet ATLANTIC NATURE  

Transat Jacques Vabre 2001

For the first time in 2001, a transatlantic race crosses the equator. Salvador de Bahiatakes over from Cartagena as the finish port. The monohulls can head directly south on 4,340 miles while the multihulls have to leave Ascension Island to portside and cover  5,199 miles… There is a record number of entries in 2001: thirty-three boats and a number of sailing superstars like Bernard Stamm, Ellen MacArthur, Karine Fauconnier, Giovanni Soldini, Franck Cammas, Jean Le Cam, Mike Golding, Kito de Pavant and many more aficionados to the race. First start for the monohull class in light airs and, on the following day, the multis take the start too in a good northerly. Speed logs are on fire in the Bay of Biscay, and the rhythm is so high that Franck Cammas and Stève Ravussin get to Bahia only after 14 days, 9 hours and 3 minutes at more than 17 knots of average speed! But IMOCAs are not slow too, Roland Jourdain and Gaël Le Cléac’h close in 16 days, 13 hours, 23 minutes and among the 50' Alex Bennet et Paul Larsen complete the course in 18 days, 16 hours, and 34 minutes...


Ranking Skippers Boats Race time Ground speed
1. R. Jourdain & G. LeCleac'h Sill Plein Fruit 16j 13h 23' 10,92
2. M. Golding & M. Hutchinson Ecover 16j 18h 40' 10,78
3. N. Molloney & M. Turner Casto-Darty-But 16j 20h 10' 10,74
4. J. Sanso & E. Dumont SME-Négocéane 17j 01h 23' 10,6
5. B. Gallay & K. de Pavant Voilà.fr 17j 03h 23' 10,55
6. B. Laurent & M. Rufini Fila 17j 04h 12' 10,53
7. D. Wavre & M. Paret Téménos 17j 05h 30 10,5
8. B. Stamm & V. Riou Bobst Group / Armor Lux 17j 16h 55' 10,21
9. M. Merron & F. Brulé Un Univers de Service 18j 07h 39' 9,87
10. J. Seeten & E. Drouglazet Sollac Atlantique 18j 08h 25' 9,85
11. R. Tolkien & R. Wingate This Times 18j 13h 12 9,75
AB : Loic Pochet & P. Tabarly La Rage de Vivre    
Class 2        
1. Alex Bennet & P. Larsen One Dream, One Mission 18j 16h 34' 9,67
2. R. Le Youdec & JF. Pellet Saving 18j 23h 29' 9,52
3. JP Amblard & E. Denamiel Setrabio 21j 00h 42' 8,6
4. R. Langevin & H. Lemay Branec 3 23j 13h 51' 7,67
5. S. Accati & A. Stefani Tredici 23j 16h 07' 7,64
6. M. Taylor & A. Pajowska Olympian Challenger 26j 11h 07' 6,83
AB : B. Escoffier & C. Mace Adecco - Etoile Horizon    
1. F. Cammas & S. Ravussin Groupama 14j 09h 03' 15,04
2. A. Gautier & E. MacArthur Foncia 14j 12h 35' 14,88
3. L. Peyron & L. Le Mignon Fujifilm 14j 22h 11' 14,49
4. J. Le Cam & J. Caraes Bonduelle 15J 09h 31' 14,04
5. JL Nélias & M. Desjoyeaux Belgacom 15j 15h 28' 13,82
6. L. Roucayrol & Y. Parlier Banque Populaire 16j 02h 21' 13,43
7. G. Soldini & O. Lozachmeur Fila 17j 01h 50' 12,66
8.    Y. Bourgnon & Y. Ravussin Nautica 19j 15h 19' 11,01
9. E. Richards & M. Von Koskull Pindar 21j 22h 29' 9,86
AB : B. de Broc & P. Bidegory Banque Covéfi    
AB : K. Fauconnier & F. Proffit Sergio Tacchini    
AB : M. Guillemot & Y. Guichard Biscuits La Trintaine    
AB : T. Duprey & F. Denis Gitana 9    
AB : F. Joyon & T. Coville Eure et Loir    

Transat Jacques Vabre 1999

Staggered starts

In 1999 aiming at making the finish as close as possible, monohulls and multihulls have different starting times, staggered by one day, and different routes because the monos need to cover 4,420 miles and round Saint-Barthélemy while multis have a 100 mile longer route and must round both Barbados and  the island of San Andreas. Ten Imoca 60, two 50', and eight multihulls tgake the start in a good, stiff breeze, so much that the crew  of Alain Gautier and Michel Desjoyeaux capsize at the passage of the raz Blanchard! The sailors are safe and sound and the boats is towed back to the port of Dielette… But this is only the start of the story, the ocean shows its worst face: seven boats are forced to abandon and Paul Vatine's trimaran capsize in 60 knots, the skipper's body is never to be found. The organizers decide to change the multihulls route after the passage of Saint-Barth because of a tropical storm expected to hit Nicaragua. Loïck Peyron and Franck Proffit take their trimaran to Colombia in 15 days, 2 hours and 8 minutes. Thomas Coville and Hervé Jan cross the finish line in first position after 19 days, 17 hours and 31 minutes on their IMOCA.


Ranking Skippers Boats Race time Ground speed
1.    T. Coville & H. Jan Sodébo, Savourons la vie 19j 17h 31' 9,29
2.    C . Chabaud & L. Bartissol Whirlpool 19J 18h 41' 9,27
3.    M. Golding & Ed Danby Team Group 4 19j 19h 03' 9,26
4.    R. Jourdain & J. Le Cam Sill Entreprise 19j 19h 21' 9,25
5.   M. Thiercelin & B. Mallaret Somewhere 20j 04h 16' 9,09
6.    Y. Parlier & E. MacArthur Aquitaine Innovations 21j 05h 25' 8,64
7.    J. Hall & A. Thomson Gartmore 23j 01h 37' 7,95
AB : H. Laurent & L. Ethevenard JPG - Defi 14 PME    
AB : G. Broggi & B. Laurent Fila    
AB : X. Lecoeur & C. Gasperin Geb    
Monohulls Classe 2        
1. E. Richards & M. Merron Pindar 25j 07h 54' 5,81
2. F. Fineschi & M. Fineschi Spirit of Race 27j 06h 00' 5,4
1. L. Peyron & F. Proffit Fujicolor 15j 02h 08' 14,81
2. F. Cammas & S. Ravussin Groupama 15j 17h 07' 14,23
3. Y. Bourgnon & L. Bourgnon Foncia 15j 19h 26' 14,14
4. L. Roucayrol & J. Caraes Banque Populaire 17j 21h 16' 12,49
AB : A. Gautier & M. Desjoyeaux Brocéliande    
AB : M. Guillemot & JL. Nélias Biscuits La Trinitaine    
AB : P. Vatine + & J. Maurel Groupe André    
AB : H. Cléris & Ronan Delacou Envergure (C2)  

Transat Jacques Vabre 1997

The 1997 edition marks big changes in the Transat Jacques Vabre as the race is open also to the Multi-50 and 50' monohull classes and the route for multis is lengthened, with the boats having to get round Barbados and Martinica, before heading to the mark at Saint-Barthélemy and finally tot he finish. The fleet grows, there are eighteen boats on the start. World famous Éric Tabarly races with Yves Parlier, and Loïck Peyron, Paul Vatine, Laurent Bourgnon, Jean Maurel are also back… it will be recorded as a breeze edition, the fleet encounters the first low-pressure hours after the start and will meet many more along the 5,000 mile long route. Victory goes to the Bourgnon borthers, who complete the race in 14 days, 7 hours and 37 minutes whilst the superstars Parlier/Tabarly win in the monohull class after 19 days, 23 hours and 19 minutes.


Rankings     Skippers      Boats    Race time  
1.  Y. Parlier & E. Tabarly Aquitaine Innovations 19j 23h 19' 9,18
2.  M. Thiercelin & D. Wavre Somewhere 21j 02h 49' 8,68
3.  J. Maurel & F. Dahirel Saupiquet 22j 07h 40' 8,22
4.  N. Fa & A . Bargues Budapest 23j 07h 12' 7,87
5.  P. Goss & R. Dinelli BMW Performances 24j 09h 41' 7,52
AB : E. Dumont & E. Denamiel Café Legal    
AB : P. de Radigues & B. Gallay Catalogue Afibel    
AB : J. Hall & B. Hooke Gartmore Investisment    
AB : PY. Guennec & B. Samuel Tremblay en France    
AB : N. Vaughan & Arnet Taylor Albright Star ( C2)    
1. L. Bourgnon & Y. Bourgnon Primagaz 14j 07h 37' 14,21
2. P. Vatine & JL. Nélias Chauss'Europ 15j 10h 11' 13,11
3. L. Peyron & F. Proffit Fujicolor 15j 16h 45' 12,88
4. F. Joyon & R. Jourdain Banque Populaire 16j 01h 08' 12,6
AB : M. Guillemot & S. Gavignet Biscuits La Trinitaine    
AB : FR. Carluer & P. Tabarly Laiterie de Saint-Malo    
H. Cléris & Ronan Delacou Climat de France 29j 17h 15' 6,17
AB : P. Quintin & R. Sohier Rendez-vous Nature  

Transat Jacques Vabre 1995

Double handed towards Colombia

It is the company Pen Duick that takes command of the race organization in 1995 and that, together with the sponsors Jacques Vabre and the city of Le Havre, creates a special and unique race format. The event becomes double handed. Eleven crews are on the starting line, six monohulls and five multihulls with some regulars to the likes of Francis Joyon, Laurent Bourgnon, Loïck Peyron and Paul Vatine but also some newcomers: Jean Maurel, Roland Jourdain, Cam Lewis, Jacques Vincent, Jean-Yves Hasselin… Light winds and warm weather are on the menu for this early autumn race, a fast route to Colombia. And, once more, it is Paul Vatine and his co-skipper Roland Jourdain to cross in first on their 60' multihull after 14 days, 12 hours and 25 minutes, with a tiny margin of only 36 minutes on the duo Joyon-Vincent! Jean Maurel and Fred Dahirel  win in the monohull division, crossing the line in Cartagena after 21 days, 8 hours and 40 minutes.


Ranking Skippers      Boats     Race time
1. J.Maurel & F.Dahirel Côtes d'Or 21j 08h 40'
2. J.Y Hasselin & H. Besson PRB Vendée 22j 12h 05'
3. P. de Radigues é Y. Le Cornec La Novia 22j 23h 47'
AB : E. Dumont & G. Campan Casino d'Etretat (Démâtage)  
AB : J.L Collet & Y. Costollec Claude Philippe Création  
1. P.Vatine & Roland Jourdain Région Haute Normandie 14j 12h 25'
2. F. Joyon & J. Vincent Banque Populaire 14j 13h 01'
3. L. Bourgnon & C. Lewis Primagaz 14j 16h 12'
4. J.L. Miquel & L. Roucayrol La Teste de Buch 19j 20h 17'
AB : M. Guillemot & G. Chapelain Groupe Larzul  
AB : L. Peyron & F. Proffit Fujicolor II (Démâtage)  

Transat Jacques Vabre 1993

It was October 31st 1993, thirteen boats leave the Channel for the inaugural edition of what at the time was called the Route du Café, a race that connects Normandy to Colombia and that was born out of the idea of two sponsors:  Jacques Vabre and the city of Le Havre. Thirteen boats and thirteen skippers, as the event was at the time for solo sailors. Eight monohulls and five multihulls. Among them the very best of offshore racing:Laurent Bourgnon, Alain Gautier, Francis Joyon, Loïck Peyron, Gerry Roufs, Mike Birch and local hero Paul Vatine who fly the colours of the Région Haute-Normandie. He will be crowned winner in Cartagena after 16 days and 46 minutes of racing on his trimaran while Yves Parlier gets a clear victory among the monohulls in 18 days, 23 hours and 38 minutes...


Ranking Skippers  Boats  Race time
1.    Yves Parlier Cacolac d'Aquitaine 18j 23h 38'
2.    Alain Gautier Bagages Supérior 20j 05h 51'
3.    Loïck Peyron Fujicolor III 20j 20h 45'
4.    JL. Ven Den Heede Citadines 21j 11h 13'
5.    Mich Birch B. La Triniraine 22j 19h 41'
6.    Gerry Roufs Groupe LG 23J 01h 39'
AB : Vincent Riou Maître Coq  
1. Paul Vatine Haute Normandie 16j 00h 46'
2. Laurent Bourgnon Primagaz 16j 08h 39'
3. Francis Joyon Banque Populaire 17j 01h 26'
4. Hervé Laurent Buchy Vacances 18j 23h 05'
5. Eric Dumont Casino d'Etretat 23j 03h 38'