7,8,9 All Up Together, 1hr 40 mins separates 7, 8 and 9

The seventh Class40 crossed the Transat Jacques Vabre finish line in Brazil at 0538hrs UTC. Manuel Cousin and Gérald Quéouron took 28 days 18 hours 08 minutes 10 seconds to complete the race averaging 7.83 knots over the 5400 miles of the theoretical course between Le Havre and Itajaí. Groupe Setin did in fact sail 5976 miles at a real average speed of 8.66 knots to finish 4 days 9 hours 58 minutes and 1 second behind the winner, Le Conservateur.

In eighth place, Valentin Lemarchand and Arthur Hubert finished at 0744hrs UTC after 28 days 19 hours 14 minutes and 5 seconds. On the theoretical course, they averaged 7.81 knots, but actually sailed 6080 miles averaging 8.80 knots to finish 4 days 11 hours 3 minutes and 56 seconds after Le Conservateur.

Only 35 minutes later this morning, Philippa Hutton-Squire and Pip Hare took ninth place finishing at 0818hrs UTC after 28 days 19 hours 48 minutes and 20 seconds. Finishing 4 days 11 hours 38 minutes and 11 seconds after the Class40 winner, they averaged 7.81 knots on the theoretical race course between France and Brazil, but in reality Concise 2 sailed 5931 miles out on the water at an average speed of 8.57 knots.